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A game that you need to take a look at is Path of Exile. This is like Diablo 2 on crack. In case you played Diablo 2, you must try this out.

Gameplay Offers

  • Struggle in Player vs player tourneys for worldwide acknowledgement
  • Be competitive within the ladder and together with your rankings
  • Random levels for heightened replayability
  • Many different monsters and unique game locations

Path of Exile Gameplay Video

Grinding Gear, the world famous RPG manufacturer from New Zealand, has another future classic available online, which is called Path Of Exile. Path Of Exile is an RPG which can be played by a single or by multiple players, and boasts a rich, fantasy world, complete with plenty of action packed battle and questing sequences. It is basically a dark fantasy RPG very much in the vein of Diablo III and similar games. Graphics and sound effects are excellent, especially considering the game has (so far) only been released in raw beta form.

Path Of Exile is currently free and available online. You can check for more details at the official Grinding Gear company website. The game includes multiple classes of character, which presently include the Witch, the Marauder, the Shadow, the Templar, the Ranger, and the Duelist. It is very easy to get into the "mood" of these characters, although the game's skill tree is one of the most extensive that we've ever seen. Players who love a wealth of details, character back story, and other minutiae, are going to love Path Of Exile's frankly gigantic skill tree, while others who simply prefer action without much background are going to prefer a simpler, more direct, shoot-em-up type of game.

Fans of Diablo III, in particular, are going to notice some similarities (and, perhaps, even some downright steals) here and there but, overall, Path Of Exile possesses just enough of its own individuality and character to stand on its own. Perhaps those of you who are simply tired and need a break from other dark fantasy RPG's, and are looking for something altogether new, might want to give Path Of Exile a look. It's online, and completely free, so you really can't go wrong! It's definitely worth a look-see play.

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